I have been messing around in the garage in my spare time. I am not exactly looking to invent the next big thing, but that would not bother me. It started out after I saw an ad for something which is called a selfie stick iPhone. In essence this is a simple device which has a holder for a smart phone, in this case it holds an iphone. It is short stick, something a bit more than a foot long I would guess, but I have not seen one in person so I am not really sure. At one end there is a button which is connected to the phone by way of Blue tooth. As you can imagine from the name it is intended to help you produce a better quality selfie than you could by just holding the phone in your hand. I have no real idea if it works well or not, but I suppose from looking at it that you would be reluctant to use it in public.

At least that is the thought that comes immediately to my mind. I am sure some people would not care, particularly if the thing worked. Of course I am thinking that you could accomplish the same goal in a lot of other ways. To start with you just need one of those flexible tripod things to do the same thing or you could invent something which would make the phone stick to the wall. If you put a suction cup on it that would work just fine. Then all you would need is some remote trigger and that is not a problem. I suppose you could accomplish much of it with some sort of wearable device which was attached to the smart phone by wi fi or by bluetooth.

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