I got to thinking about this the other day when I was bored at work. We were supposed to be working on this project, but it is really dull stuff and my mind started to wander freely. At any rate I was cruising the internet and I wonder how hard this would be to do something like this system that I saw on the Internet. Of course this guy was seriously into airplane games and so he had spent a whole lot of time and money putting together a really top of the line system. It is possible to spend many thousands of dollars on this sort of thing and it is obvious that this was what this system would have cost. Of course I am sitting here wondering how many corners you can cut and still come out pretty close to the same place that this guy got to. It might be possible to save a little bit here and little there, so that you ended up getting the whole thing under a reasonable price.

Of course when something is a hobby and you take it seriously, some of the time you do not really think about every detail as rationally as you might. The tendency is going to be to want to get the best any time you can afford it, but you are obviously going to be limited in the type of resources that you can sling at the problem. If you did not have to think about any limits at all then you could worry none at all about this sort of thing then nothing is that big of a deal. If you have an unlimited amount of resources to consume on a project then nothing is out of reach, but that is not a practical idea for me.

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