Mark Best

Q: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? A: It will simply become wet.

What is Real and What is Google

Being a small 'business' owner, which is only a blog, I soon became aware of how important it is to have some sort of local SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) company to optimize a portfolio of search keywords. It's without a doubt one of the most important facets of being a blog owner or small business owner online, especially in the early stages. Content on the web is what drives success and the more content that you're able to 'provide' to a search engine like Google will result in higher page ranking but it's far more complicated than simply providing content itself, even if it is important.

Many blogs and small business owners have what they call a portfolio of keywords. These keywords are often what are utilized in separate blogs or networks to associate them with a specific domain. The deeper the links and the denser the association of the keywords, as well as the quality of the content they are being placed within, the higher the success of the keywords. This is where it becomes even more complicated as the exact nature of how Google's Panda filter actually works is only partially known. What is known is that they are censoring the web by even putting it in place.

In my mind, Google is quickly becoming enemy number one. I believe that they are genuine in their intentions but due to the steps they feel that they are having to take to combat spam on the web. Deciding what is genuine content and what is not, especially in the context of text itself, is somewhat absurd. How are they able to actually pinpoint what is 'real' or not and how can they even define what is 'real'? If it's automated text that's generated by software, does it make it any less genuine?

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Getting Ready to Move to Richmond

I mean the one in Texas, which is in the huge Houston Metropolitan area. In this case it is on the right side of Houston for my current job. I have been moved around a couple of times since the last time I moved and now it takes me close to an hour to get to work when things go badly. On a good day it is around forty minutes. Obviously when you drive a Ford F 150 pick up truck that starts to get expensive. Looking at the Texas electricity companies in Richmond right now, in fact I figure that I should be able to about pay my power bill with the money I will not be putting in the gas tank. I scouted this place out really well. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

I could get a bike and use it to go to work, but of course I need the truck for work on occasion. It is not like I drive a truck to do my job, but some days the job requires me to run around picking up stuff and making deliveries. It is not like I know which day I need the truck and which day I do not. At any rate it is an easy five minute drive to the parking lot of the office. I can make it in less if I hit all the lights when they are green. There are just two of them, but they are a big factor in the commute obviously since you might spend half of the trip sitting at those two lights. Compared to what I am doing now it is easy to take that in stride. When you have been spending an hour and a half in traffic every day five minutes seems pretty sweet.

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