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Q: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? A: It will simply become wet.

I Still Love the Scent of Clothes Hanging Outside

When I was a kid, I always had a lot of chores to do. My mom was not married, so it was just the two of us. She worked hard to keep everything nice around our house, but she also worked full time, so it was my job to help her out as much as I could. One of my favorite chores was to hang up our laundry to dry. And we had clothes lines outside in our back yard.

There were so many chores that I did not like to do. But as soon as mom would pull the laundry out of the washing machine and would hand me the baskets full of freshly washed clothes, I would practically race outside to hang them up. I loved the act of clipping each clothing item up on the lines with the clothes pins. I loved listening to the birds singing as I did the work. I loved the sounds that the clothes made as they flapped back and forth in the light wind outside.

Another thing that I really liked is that all of our laundered things always smelled so fresh. My friends all had dryers in their homes, and their clothing always smelled like dryer sheets. A smell that always seemed so artificial. My clothes always smelled like flowers and sunlight. I especially loved the way our sheets smelled like the outdoors.

So, when I had my first two kids, I immediately resolved to have a clothes line installed outside. Sure, most every one has a dryer in their home these days, and I do, too. But I wanted the ability to show my kids what it was like back when I was a child. I wanted them to same fresh smells that I experienced as a young person, which was nothing but clean and natural.

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Having a Proper Way to Invoice Customers is a Must

When I was just a young kid, my dad let me use our lawn mower to earn some extra cash doing our lawn on the weekend. Dad would throw me some money my way and tell me that he really liked that he did not have to do the work himself. Well, I have always enjoyed lawn work, so I started my own landscaping company. Recently, I found out that you can get a free invoice generator so that you can bill your customer easily and quickly. That caught my attention immediately.

Up until recently, I found myself needing to remind my customers to pay me on many occasions before they actually do it. I know it was a mistake, but I did not even send them invoices. If I was scheduled to take care of their yard a week or two later, that is when I would show up again and ask to be paid before doing the work. The problem with this is that I work during the day, and most of my customers do, too. This meant that when I show up, about 90 percent of them are not at home so that I can ask for payment. I lost count of the amount of times that I had to go ahead and do that week's work without knowing whether they were even going to pay me for the large amount of work I did for them during my last trip to their home.

I have now asked each of my customers for their email address. This gives me the ability to send them something showing them exactly how much they owe me and by what date they need to pay me by. If they do not pay by the deadline, I do not show up to do more work without payment. It really works well for me.

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Pumpkin in a Dog’s Diet

I have heard that pumpkin packs a lot of flavor and can be a fun addition to a dog's diet but you can color me a bit skeptical. I am not sure if I think it is a good idea, but I think I am going to do some more research on the dietary needs of dogs because it is an interesting topic and one that I have never learned more about. Before, I had just assumed that it would be fine to give your dog some food out of a bag and not to worry about it any more than that, besides of course giving it water as well.

But now I am aware that dog nutrition is a bit more complicated than that and I want to do a better job at feeding my life to improve his chances of having a long and healthy life. I mean they say that dog is man's best friend, and I don't know about that, by my dog is one of my best friends. He is the most loyal companion that I could imagine, and more loyal than any girlfriend I have ever had. I guess that is part of what makes dogs such attractive pets to own.

My dog is going to turn 5 years old this year, and while he is not an old dog yet, it is definitely time to start worrying about his health and to take better care of his health. I want to make that he is in the best condition possible, from a health perspective. Of course, some things are outside of our control, but to the extent I can influence his health with proper diet exercise and nutrition, then I am going to do my best. I am going to go pet him right now and tell him that I love him.

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Organic Food is a Big Hit

For a cookout at my home, my wife wanted me to try using organic food rather than the regular food that we get from the local market. I asked her what was so great about organic food and she told me that it would taste much better and it would be better for me. I didn't believe it, but she instead on it, so I looked for organic delivery for Singapore, and found a place that delivers organic food to my area. I ordered lots of meats and some vegetables to throw on the grill as well.

The food arrived shortly, and the guest started arriving. When I put the food on the grill, I instantly noticed that it had a different smell to it in comparison to the food that I regularly buy. The food had a more pleasant aroma, as if the vegetables had been freshly picked, and the meat had just come right from the butcher. The guests noticed the smell as well, and one of them instantly knew that I was cooking with organic food. All of the food that he buys is organic, and he's been doing it for 10 years.

Once the food was done, the guests, my wife and I started eating. The burgers I cooked were some of the tastiest burgers I ever had. The meat was so flavorful and juicy. I had some corn on the cob from the grill, and it was also pretty juicy. My wife made a cole slaw using some of the organic cabbage that I ordered and it tasted so fresh and crunchy. Now my wife and I only buy organic food for our groceries. Last week I bought some organic peaches and made the most amazing peach pie. My wife thought I bought it from a bakery.

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