Mark Best

Q: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? A: It will simply become wet.

Let the Customer Take Care of Themselves

Any corporate entity is slow to change it seems. Ever since the advent of the Internet there has been a boom in progress within the context of how we do business and how we engage with one another. The core of the changes seem to be spun about the customer service experience and how that's provided. It's no wonder why Time Warner and Comcast are reviled in the United States - their customer service experience is considered one of the worsts by most Americans whom have business with those corporations. So too has the traditional Taxi industry come under fire due to the poor quality of their own customer service. What is the problem? Why do these industries feel the fury of the American people?


People are the problem. Take a look at Uber's apparent philosophy. The bulk of their customer service experience lies within the palm of the customer itself. Meanwhile the taxi and ISP industries rely heavily on interaction between customer and employee. Whereas they might attempt to automate the phone process of that experience it is still a notoriously frustrating and unreliable experience that somehow inevitably results in a customer speaking with an agent regardless. There lies the issue.

Companies like Uber offer the most simple of interfaces for the customer to engage with. Order, pay, review. Truly this is all we need. Any issues that do arise are dealt with quickly and easily; they believe the customer and give the customer whatever it is that they want. Meanwhile those dinosaurs of industry like the taxi companies and the ISPs continue to mistreat the customer simply by nature of how they conduct their business. Give the customer what they want. Minimize the human contact and so many problems will simply vanish - the customer can take care of themselves.

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Making Just a Few Changes Will Give You Access to More Shows

Living in Canada means that I often feel so left out when I watch a news program and learn of something that people in the US have, but I cannot. I realize that it has to do with different guidelines and rules between different countries, but it still makes me sad. That's why I was ecstatic to learn that I can American Netflix without having to be a citizen of their country. I can do it with my very own account. It just goes to show you that patience is needed because it is just a matter of time before those things will become available outside of their country.

As soon as I saw a news program explaining that it was possible, I wanted to learn as much as possible. I thought it would be a convoluted process. It was not even close to that. It was simple to do and I am so happy that I did it. All I had to do was to sign up for some online software that makes a small change in your account. Then you can log out and come back to find all the shows you want to watch that all our American friends get to watch.

The really nice thing is that it did not cost me more to do it, so there should be no worries about that. In fact, you can even watch all the programming that many other people get to watch in other countries, too. For anyone who is really into British shows, but does not like that they are hard to come by, this is no longer a problem because it is possible to watch the British version as well. Just make a change in your account, and it will happen just as quickly as it did with the first change that you made.

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