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Q: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? A: It will simply become wet.

Music That We Both Enjoy

When my friend told me about a website that she goes to so she can listen to music, I really wasn't sure what to make of that. She is from Indonesia, and I figured this site would be all about the kind of music that she grew up with. I thought it would be interesting to listen to, but I reminded her that she wanted to learn more about American pop culture as well. She told me that the site, Bursa Lagu, has both Indonesian as well as popular American music on it too.

I wanted to see it so I could make sure that the music was current and not something that my parents or even my grandparents would listen to, since they are all stuck in their own decades of music. When she pulled up the site, I was really impressed with what I saw there. The first album that I saw was actually one that is extremely popular right now because it is the soundtrack to a very popular film that is out. I was able to see the different albums that are popular right now along with the artist or band that put it together, and I was even able to download the ones that I wanted.

The neat thing about this is that I was able to point her in the right direction for the American music, but she was able to do the same for me for the Indonesian music that she wanted to expose me to. This site is really nice because it has the best of both worlds for people who appreciate music from both cultures. It is hard to say at any given time what kind of music we will be playing, but it is a safe bet that we got it from this music site!

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Making Just a Few Changes Will Give You Access to More Shows

Living in Canada means that I often feel so left out when I watch a news program and learn of something that people in the US have, but I cannot. I realize that it has to do with different guidelines and rules between different countries, but it still makes me sad. That's why I was ecstatic to learn that I can American Netflix without having to be a citizen of their country. I can do it with my very own account. It just goes to show you that patience is needed because it is just a matter of time before those things will become available outside of their country.

As soon as I saw a news program explaining that it was possible, I wanted to learn as much as possible. I thought it would be a convoluted process. It was not even close to that. It was simple to do and I am so happy that I did it. All I had to do was to sign up for some online software that makes a small change in your account. Then you can log out and come back to find all the shows you want to watch that all our American friends get to watch.

The really nice thing is that it did not cost me more to do it, so there should be no worries about that. In fact, you can even watch all the programming that many other people get to watch in other countries, too. For anyone who is really into British shows, but does not like that they are hard to come by, this is no longer a problem because it is possible to watch the British version as well. Just make a change in your account, and it will happen just as quickly as it did with the first change that you made.

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I Still Love the Scent of Clothes Hanging Outside

When I was a kid, I always had a lot of chores to do. My mom was not married, so it was just the two of us. She worked hard to keep everything nice around our house, but she also worked full time, so it was my job to help her out as much as I could. One of my favorite chores was to hang up our laundry to dry. And we had clothes lines outside in our back yard.

There were so many chores that I did not like to do. But as soon as mom would pull the laundry out of the washing machine and would hand me the baskets full of freshly washed clothes, I would practically race outside to hang them up. I loved the act of clipping each clothing item up on the lines with the clothes pins. I loved listening to the birds singing as I did the work. I loved the sounds that the clothes made as they flapped back and forth in the light wind outside.

Another thing that I really liked is that all of our laundered things always smelled so fresh. My friends all had dryers in their homes, and their clothing always smelled like dryer sheets. A smell that always seemed so artificial. My clothes always smelled like flowers and sunlight. I especially loved the way our sheets smelled like the outdoors.

So, when I had my first two kids, I immediately resolved to have a clothes line installed outside. Sure, most every one has a dryer in their home these days, and I do, too. But I wanted the ability to show my kids what it was like back when I was a child. I wanted them to same fresh smells that I experienced as a young person, which was nothing but clean and natural.

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Having a Proper Way to Invoice Customers is a Must

When I was just a young kid, my dad let me use our lawn mower to earn some extra cash doing our lawn on the weekend. Dad would throw me some money my way and tell me that he really liked that he did not have to do the work himself. Well, I have always enjoyed lawn work, so I started my own landscaping company. Recently, I found out that you can get a free invoice generator so that you can bill your customer easily and quickly. That caught my attention immediately.

Up until recently, I found myself needing to remind my customers to pay me on many occasions before they actually do it. I know it was a mistake, but I did not even send them invoices. If I was scheduled to take care of their yard a week or two later, that is when I would show up again and ask to be paid before doing the work. The problem with this is that I work during the day, and most of my customers do, too. This meant that when I show up, about 90 percent of them are not at home so that I can ask for payment. I lost count of the amount of times that I had to go ahead and do that week's work without knowing whether they were even going to pay me for the large amount of work I did for them during my last trip to their home.

I have now asked each of my customers for their email address. This gives me the ability to send them something showing them exactly how much they owe me and by what date they need to pay me by. If they do not pay by the deadline, I do not show up to do more work without payment. It really works well for me.

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Pumpkin in a Dog’s Diet

I have heard that pumpkin packs a lot of flavor and can be a fun addition to a dog's diet but you can color me a bit skeptical. I am not sure if I think it is a good idea, but I think I am going to do some more research on the dietary needs of dogs because it is an interesting topic and one that I have never learned more about. Before, I had just assumed that it would be fine to give your dog some food out of a bag and not to worry about it any more than that, besides of course giving it water as well.

But now I am aware that dog nutrition is a bit more complicated than that and I want to do a better job at feeding my life to improve his chances of having a long and healthy life. I mean they say that dog is man's best friend, and I don't know about that, by my dog is one of my best friends. He is the most loyal companion that I could imagine, and more loyal than any girlfriend I have ever had. I guess that is part of what makes dogs such attractive pets to own.

My dog is going to turn 5 years old this year, and while he is not an old dog yet, it is definitely time to start worrying about his health and to take better care of his health. I want to make that he is in the best condition possible, from a health perspective. Of course, some things are outside of our control, but to the extent I can influence his health with proper diet exercise and nutrition, then I am going to do my best. I am going to go pet him right now and tell him that I love him.

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Organic Food is a Big Hit

For a cookout at my home, my wife wanted me to try using organic food rather than the regular food that we get from the local market. I asked her what was so great about organic food and she told me that it would taste much better and it would be better for me. I didn't believe it, but she instead on it, so I looked for organic delivery for Singapore, and found a place that delivers organic food to my area. I ordered lots of meats and some vegetables to throw on the grill as well.

The food arrived shortly, and the guest started arriving. When I put the food on the grill, I instantly noticed that it had a different smell to it in comparison to the food that I regularly buy. The food had a more pleasant aroma, as if the vegetables had been freshly picked, and the meat had just come right from the butcher. The guests noticed the smell as well, and one of them instantly knew that I was cooking with organic food. All of the food that he buys is organic, and he's been doing it for 10 years.

Once the food was done, the guests, my wife and I started eating. The burgers I cooked were some of the tastiest burgers I ever had. The meat was so flavorful and juicy. I had some corn on the cob from the grill, and it was also pretty juicy. My wife made a cole slaw using some of the organic cabbage that I ordered and it tasted so fresh and crunchy. Now my wife and I only buy organic food for our groceries. Last week I bought some organic peaches and made the most amazing peach pie. My wife thought I bought it from a bakery.

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What is Real and What is Google

Being a small 'business' owner, which is only a blog, I soon became aware of how important it is to have some sort of local SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) company to optimize a portfolio of search keywords. It's without a doubt one of the most important facets of being a blog owner or small business owner online, especially in the early stages. Content on the web is what drives success and the more content that you're able to 'provide' to a search engine like Google will result in higher page ranking but it's far more complicated than simply providing content itself, even if it is important.

Many blogs and small business owners have what they call a portfolio of keywords. These keywords are often what are utilized in separate blogs or networks to associate them with a specific domain. The deeper the links and the denser the association of the keywords, as well as the quality of the content they are being placed within, the higher the success of the keywords. This is where it becomes even more complicated as the exact nature of how Google's Panda filter actually works is only partially known. What is known is that they are censoring the web by even putting it in place.

In my mind, Google is quickly becoming enemy number one. I believe that they are genuine in their intentions but due to the steps they feel that they are having to take to combat spam on the web. Deciding what is genuine content and what is not, especially in the context of text itself, is somewhat absurd. How are they able to actually pinpoint what is 'real' or not and how can they even define what is 'real'? If it's automated text that's generated by software, does it make it any less genuine?

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Getting Ready to Move to Richmond

I mean the one in Texas, which is in the huge Houston Metropolitan area. In this case it is on the right side of Houston for my current job. I have been moved around a couple of times since the last time I moved and now it takes me close to an hour to get to work when things go badly. On a good day it is around forty minutes. Obviously when you drive a Ford F 150 pick up truck that starts to get expensive. Looking at the Texas electricity companies in Richmond right now, in fact I figure that I should be able to about pay my power bill with the money I will not be putting in the gas tank. I scouted this place out really well. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

I could get a bike and use it to go to work, but of course I need the truck for work on occasion. It is not like I drive a truck to do my job, but some days the job requires me to run around picking up stuff and making deliveries. It is not like I know which day I need the truck and which day I do not. At any rate it is an easy five minute drive to the parking lot of the office. I can make it in less if I hit all the lights when they are green. There are just two of them, but they are a big factor in the commute obviously since you might spend half of the trip sitting at those two lights. Compared to what I am doing now it is easy to take that in stride. When you have been spending an hour and a half in traffic every day five minutes seems pretty sweet.

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Started to Work on Flight Simulator

I got to thinking about this the other day when I was bored at work. We were supposed to be working on this project, but it is really dull stuff and my mind started to wander freely. At any rate I was cruising the internet and I wonder how hard this would be to do something like this system that I saw on the Internet. Of course this guy was seriously into airplane games and so he had spent a whole lot of time and money putting together a really top of the line system. It is possible to spend many thousands of dollars on this sort of thing and it is obvious that this was what this system would have cost. Of course I am sitting here wondering how many corners you can cut and still come out pretty close to the same place that this guy got to. It might be possible to save a little bit here and little there, so that you ended up getting the whole thing under a reasonable price.

Of course when something is a hobby and you take it seriously, some of the time you do not really think about every detail as rationally as you might. The tendency is going to be to want to get the best any time you can afford it, but you are obviously going to be limited in the type of resources that you can sling at the problem. If you did not have to think about any limits at all then you could worry none at all about this sort of thing then nothing is that big of a deal. If you have an unlimited amount of resources to consume on a project then nothing is out of reach, but that is not a practical idea for me.

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We Think We Found a Little House

Millie and I have been looking around for a new place for a couple of months now and trying to figure out what we can and can not afford. We think we found a little house that we can afford, but the devil is in the details and we have to work out a few things. There are a lot of extra costs that you do not think about at first. They tell you what they want for the house and you start to haggle over that, but you still need to pay for other stuff. We looked at right now because we suddenly realized that you can not get a loan from a bank unless you get insurance on the house and they want you to have the insurance before they lend you that money. It is all about protecting themselves, which is something that seems quite reasonable when you think about it. They give you a good job at a bank and then they expect that you are going to look after their interests, which you will if you want to keep your job at the bank.

The house itself is quite small. It is perfect for us though, because it is something that we should be able to afford quite easily in theory. At least if we got past the down payment it would be great. Coming up with a big pile of money is problem for most people and we are not any different, but if we got past that part it would cut down on the monthly expenses by a very big number. It is a lot more expensive to pay the rent on a one bedroom apartment than it is to pay a house payment on a small house on a quarter acre of land.

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Playing Around with a Few Ideas

I have been messing around in the garage in my spare time. I am not exactly looking to invent the next big thing, but that would not bother me. It started out after I saw an ad for something which is called a selfie stick iPhone. In essence this is a simple device which has a holder for a smart phone, in this case it holds an iphone. It is short stick, something a bit more than a foot long I would guess, but I have not seen one in person so I am not really sure. At one end there is a button which is connected to the phone by way of Blue tooth. As you can imagine from the name it is intended to help you produce a better quality selfie than you could by just holding the phone in your hand. I have no real idea if it works well or not, but I suppose from looking at it that you would be reluctant to use it in public.

At least that is the thought that comes immediately to my mind. I am sure some people would not care, particularly if the thing worked. Of course I am thinking that you could accomplish the same goal in a lot of other ways. To start with you just need one of those flexible tripod things to do the same thing or you could invent something which would make the phone stick to the wall. If you put a suction cup on it that would work just fine. Then all you would need is some remote trigger and that is not a problem. I suppose you could accomplish much of it with some sort of wearable device which was attached to the smart phone by wi fi or by bluetooth.

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Top Computer Repair Companies in Calgary

I think that my computer has been hacked, and right now, it is just acting very strange. I do not know much about computers, and that means that I have no idea how to fix it, or get it to work right again. It is very frustrating, because I only use the computer for basic things, and I am not sure how it would have gotten so messed up in the first place. I am looking into computer repair for Calgary. I would really like to take my computer to get it repaired today, because I have the rest of the day free, and I am going to be busy for the next few days.

As such, if I am not able to get it repaired today, then I am probably going to have to go without my computer for a few days, and that does not sound like it would be a very fun situation to put myself into.
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It Does Not Hurt to Get a Little Help

My brother is a very depressed person, he had been for as long as I can remember. He always slumps around the house complains about his life. He never seems to be happy, rather than joining in family games he sits in a corner and insults himself. He is so depressed he swallowed a whole bottle of pills in a suicide attempt, luckily my father called the hospital and saved his life. After seeing him like this for so long I told him to get xanax. He told me that he didn't need that and that he is fine the way he is. Soon after that he moved out, at age 21, and got his own apartment and a job as a pizza delivery man. A few months later I discovered that he had been fired and had another suicide attempt. This time it was also with pills, he thought it would work because my dad wouldn't be able to stop him this time but my sister came to visit him only minutes after swallowing the pills.

After his second attempt he listened to me and got xanax. He said that maybe I was right. he can't do this on his on and he needs help. Three months later I saw him again, he was working at McDonalds and he looked like a very happy man. He seemed to enjoy his job, when I talked to him he said that his work really helps him stay positive and feel like a great person. That was a year ago, now my brother is the manager at McDonalds and has never been happier. He also has a girlfriend who helps keep him from making mistakes. I am glad that my brother got the help he needed, he can live a nice productive life now.

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My Daughter Was Set Up

Maryland State Flag And Map Coloring PagesMy daughter was charged with shoplifting when she was a senior in high school. She proclaimed her innocence, and I honestly did believe her. Unfortunately, the store owner did not and decided to press charges. I stood behind my daughter and told her we would fight this together. I looked for a criminal defense lawyer in montgomery anne arundel or baltimore maryland because the implications of this could affect the rest of my daughter's life. She was in the process of applying for colleges, and I knew that a conviction would kill her chances at the majority of them.

Even if she hadn't been going off to college soon, I would have still fought just as hard. Someone was calling my daughter a thief, and that was just unacceptable. Yes, she was caught with merchandise that she did not pay for, but she said she had no idea how those items got in her bag.
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