Mark Best

Q: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? A: It will simply become wet.

Getting Ready to Move to Richmond

I mean the one in Texas, which is in the huge Houston Metropolitan area. In this case it is on the right side of Houston for my current job. I have been moved around a couple of times since the last time I moved and now it takes me close to an hour to get to work when things go badly. On a good day it is around forty minutes. Obviously when you drive a Ford F 150 pick up truck that starts to get expensive. Looking at the Texas electricity companies in Richmond right now, in fact I figure that I should be able to about pay my power bill with the money I will not be putting in the gas tank. I scouted this place out really well. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

I could get a bike and use it to go to work, but of course I need the truck for work on occasion. It is not like I drive a truck to do my job, but some days the job requires me to run around picking up stuff and making deliveries. It is not like I know which day I need the truck and which day I do not. At any rate it is an easy five minute drive to the parking lot of the office. I can make it in less if I hit all the lights when they are green. There are just two of them, but they are a big factor in the commute obviously since you might spend half of the trip sitting at those two lights. Compared to what I am doing now it is easy to take that in stride. When you have been spending an hour and a half in traffic every day five minutes seems pretty sweet.

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