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Having a Proper Way to Invoice Customers is a Must

When I was just a young kid, my dad let me use our lawn mower to earn some extra cash doing our lawn on the weekend. Dad would throw me some money my way and tell me that he really liked that he did not have to do the work himself. Well, I have always enjoyed lawn work, so I started my own landscaping company. Recently, I found out that you can get a free invoice generator so that you can bill your customer easily and quickly. That caught my attention immediately.

Up until recently, I found myself needing to remind my customers to pay me on many occasions before they actually do it. I know it was a mistake, but I did not even send them invoices. If I was scheduled to take care of their yard a week or two later, that is when I would show up again and ask to be paid before doing the work. The problem with this is that I work during the day, and most of my customers do, too. This meant that when I show up, about 90 percent of them are not at home so that I can ask for payment. I lost count of the amount of times that I had to go ahead and do that week’s work without knowing whether they were even going to pay me for the large amount of work I did for them during my last trip to their home.

I have now asked each of my customers for their email address. This gives me the ability to send them something showing them exactly how much they owe me and by what date they need to pay me by. If they do not pay by the deadline, I do not show up to do more work without payment. It really works well for me.

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