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We Think We Found a Little House

Millie and I have been looking around for a new place for a couple of months now and trying to figure out what we can and can not afford. We think we found a little house that we can afford, but the devil is in the details and we have to work out a few things. There are a lot of extra costs that you do not think about at first. They tell you what they want for the house and you start to haggle over that, but you still need to pay for other stuff. We looked at right now because we suddenly realized that you can not get a loan from a bank unless you get insurance on the house and they want you to have the insurance before they lend you that money. It is all about protecting themselves, which is something that seems quite reasonable when you think about it. They give you a good job at a bank and then they expect that you are going to look after their interests, which you will if you want to keep your job at the bank.

The house itself is quite small. It is perfect for us though, because it is something that we should be able to afford quite easily in theory. At least if we got past the down payment it would be great. Coming up with a big pile of money is problem for most people and we are not any different, but if we got past that part it would cut down on the monthly expenses by a very big number. It is a lot more expensive to pay the rent on a one bedroom apartment than it is to pay a house payment on a small house on a quarter acre of land.

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